Nature Means Business: Sustainability strategy at the intersection of the public and private sector

Amy Larkin’s consulting work offers genuine out-of-the-box advice and hands-on implementation.  She helps businesses create smart, cost-effective environmental initiatives; designs private and public sustainability policies; and translates complex data and research into usable information for companies.  Her strengths lie in two main areas: identifying the (often hidden) levers for transformational change; and communicating/framing strategic initiatives in ways that advance a company’s larger goals — both internally and externally.

Amy’s work as Solutions Director of Greenpeace empowered her to find the common ground between uncompromising environmental positions (science was the guiding principle) and the needs of corporations that are looking to overhaul their environmental impact.  Her unusual vantage point (she is less interested in being right than in finding smart opportunities that benefit potential opponents) can be seen on the back cover of Environmental Debt:  The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy, where the current Executive Director of Greenpeace International and the former President of Shell Oil both endorse her book.  Very few consultants can speak to both ends of this spectrum with authority, respect, and open mindedness.

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