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For anyone interested in environmental and economic policy, this is a fascinating, provocative book.  Brisk, bold and blunt, Larkin is a devastating critic of current business practices, but she wants to inspire, not scold.
-Publishers Weekly


What I Do: Amy Larkin is one of the first to make the direct connections between our global environmental and financial crises — both causes and solutions.

An award-winning entrepreneur and environmental activist, Amy excels in two main areas: identifying the (often hidden) levers for transformational change; and communicating and framing strategic initiatives in ways that advance a company’s larger goals — both internally and externally.

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Amy Larkin’s consulting work offers genuine out-of-the-box advice and hands-on implementation.  She helps businesses create smart, cost-effective environmental initiatives; designs private and public sustainability policies; and translates complex data and research into usable information for companies.  Read More


Amy Larkin speaks to corporate, policy and civic organizations to help illuminate the connections between their missions and environmental debt.  Her speeches include salient analysis as well as practical pathways for crafting financial and environmental solutions together.  She is down-to-earth and even funny while presenting the most serious issues of the day with the most current data available. Read More


Amy Larkin is the author of Environmental Debt:  The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy.   Environmental Debt is listed on Amazon’s Best Business Books of June 2013, and Vanity Fair’s July Hot Type.  Amy is a regular columnist for The Guardian’s Sustainable Business section and also contributes often to Huffington Post and CSRwire.