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Amy Larkin speaks to corporate, policy and civic organizations to help illuminate the connections between their missions and environmental debt.  Her speeches include salient analysis as well as practical pathways for crafting financial and environmental solutions together.  She is down-to-earth and even funny while presenting the most serious issues of the day with the most current data available.

Praise for Amy’s speaking: 

“Your presentation was both relevant and thought provoking to these budding conservation leaders. Some long returning faculty members called it the best SC3 presentation ever.”
Steven M. Chase, Chief Division of Education Outreach, National Conservation Training Center; after Amy’s recent talk to 150 high school student leaders

“Amy Larkin brought to Climate One a deep commitment to environmental values and a thorough understanding of how corporations work.  She has used that uncommon insight to demonstrate environmentalists and corporations can play nice together. We need more of that to move forward on climate.”
– Greg Dalton, Executive Producer, Climate One

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