This web platform, powered through DC-based nonprofit organization, RESOLVE, is for readers to participate in solution building of all kinds. It will allow you to help create the Transition Agenda to usher in new rules for the 21st century economy as we together write the addendum to Environmental Debt. With participation in solution building through collaboration and crowed-sourcing, we hope that you use the Transition Agenda as a way to change the public conversation so that we can connect our financial and environmental decisions in the public, private and individual sectors. And that Environmental Debt promulgates new ideas into the culture that in turn changes our understanding of business.

About resolve

RESOLVE specializes in bringing people, businesses, civil society organizations and governments who seriously disagree with each other into a solution-building mode.

RESOLVE was created over 30 years ago to bring conflict resolution, and a focus on negotiated solutions, into the sphere of environmental and public policy.