For anyone interested in environmental and economic policy, this is a fascinating, provocative book. Brisk, bold and blunt, Larkin is a devastating critic of current business practices, but she wants to inspire, not scold. – Publishers Weekly

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With more than two decades of experience at the high-profile environmental group, Amy Larkin might be expected to publish a screed against corporations for their polluting greed. Instead, “Environmental Debt” highlights the efforts companies such as Puma, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola…have already made to reduce waste, change their supply chains and embrace environmentally sustainable practices. Larkin…puts her pitch in terms businesspeople understand: It all comes down to money. Successful companies…understand that they will pay more for resources and production down the line if they don’t invest now in energy-efficient upgrades and other changes. Associated Press

Larkin provides a perceptive perspective on​ important environmental issues that will serve as a valuable resource for many library patrons. Booklist

Humankind’s days of pillaging the earth for its resources are over. Today, a new strategy is needed if the global economy is to survive. Larkin’s three guiding principles for twenty-first-century commerce are required reading for anyone invested in a thriving business landscape as well as a healthy environment. – Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International

Amy Larkin sounds the alarm of the coming economic crisis and calls for urgent actions to repair our relationship with nature. A committed environmentalist, she also knows firsthand how the business world gets real work done, and she argues for pragmatism and common sense to undo environmental harm and remake the future. As a businessperson and industrialist, I support Environmental Debt as part of an inclusive and well-rounded roadmap to make the world a better place. – John Hofmeister, retired President Shell Oil Company, founder/CEO Citizens for Affordable Energy, and author of Why We Hate the Oil Companies 

Amy Larkin’s terrific new book… explodes the myth of the contradiction between environmental protection and business. We can have it all, she says – a prosperous economy and a clean environment. She calls it the Nature Means Business model. But the corollary is also true — no Nature, no Business. – Francesca Rheannon, Writer’s Voice

The author puts so much solid advice into the book based on first-hand experience and careful observations both from the front lines and from behind closed boardroom doors.  Every business person ought to buy a copy (or more).  – Crosslands Bulletin on Business, Law, and the Environment

Greenpeace veteran and environmental activist Larkin tenders a highly optimistic combination of her love for the natural world with an admiration for the dynamism and effectiveness of business, in particular, how to tame the near-unlimited influence of profit to guide our future relationship with the Earth. – Kirkus Reviews

[Larkin’s] is a strong, credible voice for focusing on solutions, while not ignoring the intractable problems…[Larkin’s] direct and forthcoming about some of the challenges facing the environmental movement, especially in trying to convince the public that there is a better, albeit harder way. – Scott Edward Anderson, The Green Skeptic

Larkin’s book supplies an intriguing overview of the issues and arguments, along with some open minded efforts by some corporations…if you’re interested in updating yourself on such issues…[Environmental Debt] is an excellent place to start. – Nick Owchar, Call of the Siren

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